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The Company provides services to both the Electronics Industries as well as R & D organisations.With many years of PCB artwork design experience using established CAD/CAM software, we are providing services ranging from schematic capturing to final photoplotted artwork.Our Engineers are experienced in EMC consideration, Impedance Control, RF, Analog and Digital design.
Our PCB ranges from single sided to multi-layers SMD and fine-line technology. We provide fast turnaround time, prompt delivery and competitive pricing.

4-Layer Motherboard

4-Layer Motherboard

Printed Circuit Boards :

  • Multi-Layer PCBs
  • Impedance Control Boards
  • Differential Controlled PCBs
  • High Aspect Ration Boards
  • Lead-Free PCBs
  • Nickel Plated PCBs
  • Gold Plated/Flashed PCBs
    Double-Sided PCB

    Double-Sided PCB

Specialise in :

  • Burn-In Boards
  • Test Interface Unit Boards
  • Probe Cards


What we need to process you orders:

PCB Gerber Files
NC Drill Files
Engineering Drawing (Optional)

Multi-Layer Circular

Multi-Layer Circular